Air Defence Tower

An European Union Air Defence Tower

Air Defence Towers are single-use units with good anti-air power and decent anti-infantry attack. They are particularly useful for destroying helicopters or performing air interception. While effective against fighters or helicopters, they are not as effective against bombers or any ground units. For combat and effect purposes, Air Defence Towers are considered vehicles.

For U.S. factions, they are known as Defence Towers.

For the European Union, they are known as EU Defence Towers.

For Russia, they are known as RU Defence Towers.

Air Defence Tower Statistics
Unit Type Single-Use Anti-Air
Health 20
Anti-Infantry Attack 12
Anti-Vehicle Attack 10
Anti-Air Attack 13
Attack Range 3(US/RU), 4(EU)
Movement Range 0
Sight Range 3
Armor 10
Cost 15,000