The Airfield is a static, non-moving unit that represents a given faction's forward operating air force base in a battle. Its unit name is identical between the eight factions present in the game. Sturdy and dangerous for airborne units to attack, the Airbase has offensive and defensive capability against air units only.

Game manual description: "Airfields are a special unit that you can deploy on the map whenever you bring aircraft into a battle. You may select any location in your deployment zone for the airfield, but once it is placed it is a stationary unit and cannot move again. The airfield has many hit points, and can defend itself against aircraft well, but lacks power against the ground. If an airfield is destroyed, then all of the planes that the owner of the airfield brought into the battle are also destroyed."

Statistics Edit

  • Unit Type: Airfield (Static Unit)
  • Availability: All factions
  • Cost: None; unit is created automatically if a faction has fighters or bombers deployed in a battle.
  • Anti-Infantry Attack: 0
  • Anti-Vehicle Attack: 0
  • Anti-Air Attack: 13
  • Defense Rating: 10
  • Hit Points: 100
  • Collateral Damage: 0
  • Sight Range: 3
  • Target Range: 3
  • Fuel Supply: None, as an Airfield is incapable of moving.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The Airfield unit takes up only one hex space, just as any other unit in-game does. A few real-life US Air Force bases appear in the game. Edwards Air Force Base in the Southern California territory takes up five hex spaces, while Eielson AFB in Alaska and Langley AFB in Eastern Shenandoah take up one hex space each. Those bases do not play any special role-in game, and they do not automatically become the location of a faction's Airfield in a battle in their respective territories.
  • As it is created automatically if even one fighter or bomber is deployed for a battle by a faction, the Airbase cannot be purchased and does not take up a slot in a faction's unit inventory.
  • Airfields cannot achieve Veterancy status because of their status in the game as single-use units.