Delaware is the second-smallest of the former United States. Unlike most of the other states, whose citizens chose a new nation to become a part of as the United States collapsed in 2013-2014, Delaware was occupied by an emergency peacekeeping force sent by the European Union. Thus, what course its citizens might have chosen if left to their own devices is unknown.

Features Edit

  • Cities and Towns: Dover
  • Largest City: Dover (1 hex)
  • Military Bases: None
  • Landmarks: None
  • Geographic Features: Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean
  • Roads and Highways: Route 13

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Delaware is one of two states to appear completely within one territory in "Shattered Union". All of Delaware can be seen in the Eastern Shenandoah territory, while all of Rhode Island appears in the Northern New England territory.