Hawaii is an unplayable faction in Shattered Union.


In 1959 Hawaii became the 50th and most recent state to join the United States. In 2014 as the situation in America deteriorated with the rise of domestic terrorism, increasing secessionist sentiment, and the re-election of the unpopular David Jefferson Adams, Hawaii became the independent Commonwealth of Hawaii as the United States broke up. The opinion of its inhabitants on secession, for or against, are unspecified. Hawaii plays no role in the Second American Civil War; it is possible that upon becoming an independent nation, Hawaii remained neutral in regards to the fighting among the former 48 states and the European Union.

When the continental 48 states are re-united under the player's faction (however long that takes to accomplish), Hawaii agrees to rejoin the new government. Whether it rejoins a restored United States or a rising fascist state depends on the ending reputation of the player's faction.