A Humvee in use with the New England Alliance.

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee, is a four-wheel drive military light truck produced by AM General. It has largely supplanted the roles previously performed by the original jeep, and others such as the Vietnam War-era M151 jeep, the M561 "Gama Goat", their M718A1 and M792 ambulance versions, the Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle (CUCV), and other light trucks. Primarily used by the United States military, it is also used by numerous other countries and organizations and even in civilian adaptations. The Humvee's widespread use in the Gulf War of 1991, where it negotiated the treacherous desert terrain, helped inspire civilian Hummer versions.


  • Unit Type: Light Armor
  • Availability: US factions
  • Cost: $6,000
  • Anti-Infantry Attack: 5
  • Anti-Vehicle Attack: 4
  • Anti-Aircraft Attack: 6
  • Defense Rating: 2
  • Hit Points: 18
  • Collateral Damage: 1
  • Sight Range: 4
  • Target Range: 1
  • Movement Range per turn: 10
  • Fuel Supply: 60


The Humvee is a superb light reconnaissance vehicle. It can race ahead of the main force and locate the enemy, or be sent out to take objectives where little to no enemy presence is expected. It must avoid Medium and Heavy Armor at all costs, as what little armor a Humvee is equipped with is meant to stop bullets, not tank shells or missiles. The Humvee cannot withstand heavy enemy fire, but can hold its own against partisan vehicles, other Humvees, infantry, or its EU and Russian equivalents, the VBL-1 and the Vodnik.

The Humvee is superior to all partisan vehicles and can freely attack Artillery up close, as those units cannot retaliate against an enemy ground unit that is in an adjacent hex. The Humvee does not, however, have any significant advantage over the VBL-1 or Vodnik, as those units are essentially identical. When used in the role it was designed for, the Humvee can be a great supplement to a larger military force.

Veterancy Edit

If a Humvee is promoted to Experienced or Veteran status, its Hit Points and Fuel Supply increase each time. Its upgraded stats for each level of Veterancy status are:

  • Experienced- Hit Points: X, Fuel Supply: X
  • Veteran- Hit Points: X, Fuel Supply: X

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The Humvee is one of three light military trucks to appear in the game, the other two being the VBL-1 and the Vodnik.
  • The Humvee is one of several vehicles seen in-game to appear in the opening cutscene. Specifically, a Humvee is seen in news footage in use with US Army military police as martial law is declared on the West Coast and other areas of the U.S.
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