The New England Alliance is a faction in Shattered Union. It is 1st out of 7 in the order of movement for each turn in the campaign. The NEA has three starting territories, the second-smallest number of staring territories in the game.

Flag NewEnglandAlliance

Flag of the New England Alliance.

In-game description: "The New England Alliance is made up of parts from the former states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Members of the New England Alliance are driven and feel a strong sense of purpose in this war. Though only comprised of three territories, the NEA has one of the highest population densities in America. Before the secession, New Englanders felt that they were not given a representative voice."


Unlike the other American factions, the New England Alliance starts with only three territories; Northern New England, New York, and the Ohio Valley.

Units Edit

The New England Alliance starts with a number of ex-US military units that have fallen into its hands, and it is able to manufacture the full array of American military units to put on the field. NEA units appear colored teal on-map, and include:

  • Single-Use Units: Defense Tower, Partisan NE, Militia, 155mm M777, Bunker
  • Infantry: Heavy Infantry, Commandos, Engineers
  • Light Armor: Humvee, Striker, Bradley
  • Medium Armor: Sheridan, LAV, M8
  • Heavy Armor: FCS Bragg, Abrams, M60
  • Anti-Air: Avenger, Vulcan, Chaparral
  • Artillery: Big Tom, Crusader, MERL, Paladin
  • Helicopter: Apache, Super Cobra, Warrior
  • Fighter: JSF, Super Hornet
  • Bomber: Stealth Bomber, A-10 Thunderbolt

The New England Alliance, ironically, names its unique heavy tank the FCS Bragg, after Confederate general Braxton Bragg. The FCS Bragg is one of three factional heavy tanks to lack an actual main gun- the others are the anti-infantry FCS Jackson of the California Commonwealth and the Great Plains Federation's FCS Grant, which fires a heavy mortar. The FCS Bragg mounts several guided missile launchers in its turret, substituting them for the more typical main gun found in heavy armor.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Despite possessing the Ohio Valley territory at the start of the game, in which the West Virginia cities of Charleston, Morgantown, Wheeling and Parkersburg are present, West Virginia's presence in or status as a member of the NEA is ignored in the faction's description.
  • The NEA is the most pro-Union of all the factions, as indicated by its faction description. From this it can be inferred that the NEA did not voluntarily secede and form a country the way the California Commonwealth and Republic of Texas did. Instead, its member states most likely formed a united provisional government as the United States fell apart.
  • Despite essentially agreeing on the goal of restoring the Union, the NEA and the EU cannot form an alliance or even create a truce with each other.
  • With 11 states being partly or completely within its territory, the NEA is- in spite of its small geographical size- one of the largest factions in the game in terms of number of member states.
  • The NEA is one of three factions to have a border with Canada at the start of the game, and the only one in which Canadian territory is visible- the Ohio Valley territory.