New York is one of the three starting territories of the New England Alliance. As the name suggests, it is made up primarily of land that is part of the former American state of New York. It borders on the other two starting NEA territories- Northern New England and Ohio Valley- to the north and southwest, and borders on the European Union's Eastern Shenandoah territory to the south.

Features Edit

  • Cities and Towns: Greater New York, Poughkeepsie (NY), Newburgh (NY), Middletown (NY), Kingston (NY), Albany (NY), Clifton Park (NY), Glens Falls (NY), Ticonderoga (NY), Utica (NY), Rome (NY), Oneota (NY), Elmira (NY), Ithaca (NY), Syracuse (NY), Watertown (NY), Rochester (NY), Newark (NJ), Jersey City (NJ), BridgePort (CT), Stanford (CT), Waterbury (CT), Pittsfield (MA), Scranton (PA), Williamsport (PA), St. Clair/New Castle (PA), Allentown (PA), Bethlehem (PA)
  • Largest City: Greater New York (50 hexes)
  • Military Bases: U.S. Military Academy/West Point
  • Landmarks: Statue of Liberty
  • Geographic Features: Lake Ontario, Lake Wallenpaupack, Canada (3 hexes), Oswego Canal, Erie Canal, Oneida Lake, Owasco Lake, Skaneatees Lake, Cayuga Lake, Seneca Lake, Canandalgua Lake, Great Sacanda Lake, Lake George, Keuka Lake, Chemung River, Susquehanna River, W. Br. Susquehanna River, Wall Kill River, Delaware River, Hudson River, Long Island Sound, Atlantic Ocean
  • Parks: AndIrondack Mtns Park (100 hexes), Catskill Mtns Park (18 hexes), Harriman State Park (2 hexes)
  • Reservations: Pepacton Res. (3 hexes)
  • Roads and Highways: I-84, I-87, I-88, I-90, I-95, Route 28

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • New York is one of two single territories to be named after one state. Texas and California lend their names to Norther and Southern Texas and California respectively, but they make up 2 territories each instead of 1. Greater Florida is the other territory named after one state to exist within the 48 former United States.
  • New York is one of two territories in which land belonging to Canada can be seen; the other is the Ohio Valley territory.
  • New York has the largest park featured in the game, at more than 100 hexes in size, as well as the most parks featured on one map.
  • The U.S. Military Academy at West Point appears and is labeled on-map much as other named military bases are- present, but not counted as a landmark, feature building (like a bank or generic military base), or objective (a city to be taken or held for points). It is the only federal military college to be present in the game; the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD and the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO are both not featured, though the cities where they are located do appear.