New England Alliance Bunker

FH 105 and FH 155

FH 105mm (Left) and FH 155mm (Right)

Air Defence Tower

An European Union Air Defence Tower


Single Use units are a type of diverse units available. These units, as the name implies, can be used only a single time, and are lost after the battle ends, win or lose.

The types of single use units available are Light Infantry, Bunkers, Static Artillery, and Air Defence Towers. All of these offer diverse roles in combat.

The main advantages of single-use units are that they are extremely inexpensive, and can also be purchased during enemy turns, if they attack you.

When using single-use units, make sure to place them in good positions in deployment, as they cannot be moved (with the exception of light infantry) during a battle. Also, make sure you take advantage of the abilities of your unit, as it is nearly pointless to use Air Defence Towers against tanks, or Bunkers against air units, for example.
Light Infantry

New England Alliance Light Infantry