The Carolinas is one of four starting territories of The Confederacy. As its name implies, it is concentrated in the former American states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Features Edit

  • Cities and Towns: Charlotte (NC), Winston-Salem (SC), Fayetteville (NC), Columbia (SC), Myrtle Beach (SC), Charleston (SC), Summerville (SC), Spartanburg (SC)
  • Military Bases: Fort Bragg (6 hexes), Fort Jackson (2 hexes)
  • Landmarks:
  • Conservation Sites:
  • Geographic Features: Atlantic Ocean
  • Roads and Highways: I-95

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The city of Charleston, South Carolina is divided into mostly-suburban North Charleston and the older city of Charleston to the south. Given the way The Carolinas map is oriented, most or all of Charleston that appears may actually be North Charleston.
  • Fort Bragg, like all other named military bases in the game, does not actually play any role in a battle or on the strategic map for the faction that controls The Carolinas. It is essentially just a different-looking and distinctly-named city that has no point value.
  • At the start of a new campaign, when the game randomly generates and places various feature buildings within the territories, a Military Base may be placed on one of the 6 hexes Fort Bragg occupies.
  • At 6 hexes in size, Fort Bragg is one of the largest named military bases in the game.

Territory Edit

The Carolinas consist of southwestern Virginia, all of North Carolina excluding the southwestern corner, northeastern Georgia, and all of South Carolina excluding the southern tip.