Veterancy is a type of unit status available in the Campaign. There are two stages to it, represented by two bars and a single five-pointed star respectively. With each stage, a unit's Hit Points and Fuel Supply are increased.

There is no requisite amount of time a unit must serve before being promoted to either level of Veteran status. A unit that participates in engagements but does not fight or only rarely sees combat may take several battles to get promoted to the first, then second stage. But survivors of an intense battle where the involved units saw heavy fighting each day may be promoted to the first Veteran level (or second if they are already Veterans) immediately.

Veterancy essentially means that a unit has survived long enough to be considered to possess considerable experience, making it a veteran. Veteran units have an increased survivability and movement range in a battle, since they have increased HP and Fuel Supply.

Experienced Edit

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Veteran Edit

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Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Single-Use Units (including Partisans) and Airfields cannot achieve Veterancy as they are new units in each battle, even if a faction or player consistently uses them.
  • Similarly, Vodnik and BTR-90 units obtained through Russian aid cannot achieve Veteran status, as they count as single-use units and disappear after the battle, even if they survive to the end of it.
  • Veterancy has no identification in-game beyond the two bars representing the first level of it, and the five-pointed star representing the second level.
  • If a Veteran unit is lost in combat, it cannot be replaced except by buying a new unit and having it survive until it achieves Veteran status itself.